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At Affordable Towing Pocatello, we use flatbed tow trucks on just about a daily basis. Flatbed tow trucks are among the most versatile when it comes to towing. You may be wondering when you would need a flatbed tow truck. Well, we are here to answer that question as well and to assist you with your needs for transporting. There are several reasons you should consider using a flatbed tow truck for your vehicle towing needs. Keep scrolling to find more information on why you want to use us for flatbed towing.

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Benefits Of Flatbed Towing

1. Better Safety

With our flatbed towing service your vehicle will be completely off the road during transport. You will find all tires are protected, preventing uneven wear and tear by minimizing the need for premature tire repair or replacement. Being off the road prevents the vehicle from encountering bumps, holes, or debris that could damage it during towing. This will keep front/rear bumpers and sides of the vehicle safe. When you don't trust your vehicle being towed behind a truck, let us get it off the road and onto one of our flatbeds.

2. Compatible With A Variety Of Vehicles

Flatbed tow trucks can tow a wide range of vehicles. Including:




Classic Cars


Totaled Vehicles

and More!

If you have a vehicle that can fit on top of the flatbed, then there is a good chance we can tow it. We make sure each vehicle is securely attached to the bed of the truck. This ensures the safety of your vehicle when in our care. Our flatbeds can also handle odd-shaped vehicles, such as those that have been totaled in an accident. Call us now if you need us to tow any of these types of vehicles.

3. Long Distance Towing

When it comes to towing your vehicle over long distances, flatbed tow trucks are particularly helpful. They are the preferred method when it comes to avoiding damage to the wheels. This can be particularly helpful for people who need to transport their vehicles when moving from one state to another. You will find your vehicle will be better protected during transport. This makes them perfect for expensive vehicles like classics, sports cars, luxury vehicles, or vintage cars when covering long distances.

4. Suitable For Vehicles With Lowered Suspension

There are many vehicles out there that have been made with lower profiles. We understand that this type of appearance is attractive to many people. With that in mind, our flatbed tow trucks can handle these cars or trucks with ease.

When being towed by a dolly, a lowered vehicle is more likely to sustain damage to the oil pan, bumpers, and undercarriage. Driving it on a flatbed is still the best option. The way our flatbed ramps are designed, they can adjust, allowing these types of vehicles to be loaded and unloaded without damage.

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